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1. Tell me about yourself

My name is <name>, you can also call me <nickname>. I work as a <position> at <company and team>. Me and my team are building the <some good stuff>. It's a place which gives users <bla-bla>. This service is the second highload service of the company which serves N million users monthly. I was responsible for rewriting the JQuery application to a new set of technologies and designing the app architecture. I am also responsible for integration and collaboration with different teams such as <bla-bla>. And currently, I've been working on <stuff you're working on>, developing <bla>. Also, previously I worked as Fullstack Developer in <name>, we were developing enterprise microservices for <bla> . As a bit of my self, I have a strong passion for typed languages especially Typescript, I like the front-end because it give me the opportunity to work with a most modern tools. I am excited solving sophisticated problems, especially when it comes application internal design and performance optimisation. My main job driver is the possibility to make the impact on our customers and influence the development industry. I'm also a big fan of winter sports and velocycling, in my spare time in winter I can spend the whole day snowboarding with my friends. And I also love a morning coffee of-course. And this all brings me to where I am now, interviewing at <FAANG>

2. Why leaving <name>.

Personally, I think <name> is a great company to work for and I'm feel proud and lucky to work with a folks from my team. But the problem is that there are not many front-end projects and opportunities to go further at <bla>. The Front-End doesn't play key role inside a company. I feel like I'm not challenged enough and I'd like solve more challenging problems, which I hope I can find at <name>

3. Why <name> ?

I have several reason why I want joining <name>.

4. Imagine it’s your first day here at <name>. What do you want to work on? What features would you improve on?

First thing I would do is establishing people connections. I would love to get to know and team up with the people at the company. Regarding the features, I'm actually have a specific interest in <name> project. I see that this project can make life much better not just for organisations, but also for the development, design teams. First, I would understand the current project vision, where we are. Understand the social needs. We could not just connect people, but also make the <name> as the platform for development teams. For example, giving transparent integration with GitHub, Development tools like CI platform, product design like FIGMA. I feel like <name> can be also all in one platform providing all social needs for companies, but also on-demand module for the development. This could help to diversify business model of the product.

5. Why are you interested in <name>? Know about our technical environment, projects, challenges, etc. Your excitement about <company> will go a long way.

I'm currently working on a free public service and I feel very positive about the impact it has for the community of <bla>. But, I feel like I want to extend my impact on the society at the scale of millions users which <company> has. I also really like how <company> support the culture diversity, people have so much completely different experience, ideas and vision and the way how the company of this size support and values the each and everyone opinion and anybody can make a difference. I feel like that the <company> is not just a place to grow as a specialist, but it also a place where your ideas can come to live for millions users, and opportunity really drives me a lot.

6. What are the most interesting projects you’ve worked on? How are they relevant to the <name> environment?

I've been working on <project>. This is a platform where the user can <bla-bla>. This project requires a lot cross-team communication and responsibility to take. For example, last 5 months I've been working with 3 teams in our company - team 1, team2 and team 3, these are core teams, which we integrate with. team 1 is the service which provides sophisticated documentation generation based on markdown-type language. With that your service can provide a full fledged service for their stuff and they don't need to use aside services like git hub on their web-sites. I helped the team to split the front-end as the NPM package and managed the process of providing the backend for their system. Regarding the team 2 product, I am responsible for communication with the team 2 team and integration of our service inside their product. I wrote the whole project front-end inside it, my interesting note that team 2 uses the React and Kotlin together. This was an interesting experience. I'm really excited about the project and things I've done with my team. We work close with a community, listen their needs, and build our plans with a thought about community needs. And I feel like the project environment is relevant to the <company> because

<list of company priciples>

7. What are some of the biggest professional challenges you’ve faced, and how have you overcome them?